Best Study Timetable For Students of Class 6 to 12 – Time schedule

Best Study Timetable For Students of Class 6 to 12 – Time schedule,  Studies! It has always been a contradictory topic. Most of us want to study and on the other hand there are also people who don’t even want to touch the books. But whatever the situation is, it is a bitter truth that you have to pass your 12th by hook or by crook. So that you can chase your dreams.

Once a student reach 6th standard, they should start getting serious towards studies, because the level of studies start changing from easy to difficult mode. And this mode keeps on increasing standard by standard. So, you should set a schedule for yourself.

Best Study Timetable For Students of Class 6 to 12 – Time schedule

In which class you study, that matters but timetable must be same for all classes and you will know the value of time when once you will start following the timetable. You will be punctual of the time. And this is very important to every students.

Study Timetable for Morning

Here you will get timetable for students who are under 12 and for both students one who are going tuition on daily basis, and for those too who don’t go for tuition and do self study. Keep every thing in mind and follow on your daily routine. Here we are providing you with a time table that you can follow.

best study timetable5.00 am- You should wake up by 5.00 am and finish your daily utilities till 5:15 am.

5.15 am to 5.30 am- Go to the terrace and breathe the fresh air and do some yoga or meditation to fresh your mind and day. This is very important to you.

5.30 am to 6.45am- Revise everything you read last evening/night.

6.45 am to 7.00 am- Take a shower daily. It is very important to keep yourself refreshed all day. Have breakfast daily and don’t forget to have juice and fruits in your breakfast. It increases your energy to deal with all the tasks.

We hope that till 3.00pm you will be home from school. Once you reach home, change your clothes freshen’ up and take 20 to 30 minutes rest.

Study Timetable For Tuition Students:

Till school we have discussed what should be exactly your time table. Now, let’s talk if you are a student who goes to tuition.
We hope till 3.00 pm you will be home. Take rest for 20-30 minutes, after freshening up. Now, generally we go to tuition for 3 hours.
4.00 pm to 6.00 pm- Tuition

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm – Sports/Activity

7.15 pm to 9.00 pm- Study Maths

9.00 pm to 9.30 pm- Dinner

9.30 pm to 10.30 pm- Revision of topics you studied the whole day

10.30 pm- Go to bedevening study timetable

Study Timetable For Students Who Do Self Study:

4.00 pm to 6.00 pm- Practice maths

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm– sports activity

7.00 pm to 9.00 pm- Theoretical Studies

9.00 pm to 9.30 pm- Dinner

9.30 pm to 10.30 pm- Quick Recap of what you studied.

10.30 pm- Go to bed

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Key Points for Consideration:

  • As we have mentioned earlier, once you reach 6th standard, be ready for tough challenges.
  • Be attentive and regular to your class and tuitions.
  • Always maintain good notes and revise them regularly on the daily basis.
  • When you are studying, be focused towards your studies only. Don’t get distracted.
  • For students, meditation is always a good practice, try it. It will increase your concentration power.
  • Study well, but don’t become so much nerd that you are studying during your recess and games period also. During that time, go out for games. It freshen’ up your mind.
  • Give atleast 4-5 hours to your studies daily. In which atleast give 2 hours for practicing maths and rest of the time to your theoritical subject.
  • After completing with 1 hour of study, takes 5 to 10 minutes break.
  • When it comes to choose between two things at the same time, choose wisely. Understand what is coming in the top of your priority list and do that only.
  • Start recognizing your strength, that what are you really good at. Whether it is, studies or extra curricular activities like painting, sports, dance or any other activity. If you want to excel in those, give time to them, so that, you can become perfect in that part.

Entering your 10th standard:

Once you are a high school student, now it is time to give yourself a wake up call. Why we are calling it a wake up call, bacause now this is the time when you have to decide what you actually want to do.

In 11th standard you have to do the biggest judgement for yourself, for your future. Once you are a high school student, you are mature enough to make up your mind, what stream you want to consider for future.

Don’t listen what the society says, listen to your heart. Understand which subject is your biggest strength, what is the best subject that you should opt for.

This decision when you have to opt for your subjects is going to be a turning point for you, either it will take you to the heights of success or it will bring you to the bottom. Be fair enough to yourself. Recognise your strengths. Recognise what is your strongest subject and start preparing well for that.

Don’t get confused that my friends are opting for science so i also have to. No, you don’t have to do what your friends are doing. If you are capable of opting for science, then only go with science.

Don’t get hasty, that he is admiring to become this, i will also be doing this in future, he is admiring to become that, i will also be that. No, please just don’t do that. Your focus should only be on what you want to become rather, not what others want to become.

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If you find difficulty while doing judgement for yourself, feel free to comment down below. Our experts will try their level best to help you in any manner.

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  1. I am confused to opt what I don’t want to give jee like others but like physics very much and want to become an astronaut. What shall I do

    1. Hello Arya, Work hard for your future, we will suggest your best option later, but stay in touch with physics and qualifying jee will be an advantage to you.

  2. I am totally confused there is no special talent in me . How can l know my special talent. I am 6 class

    1. Hello Switin, You are not young enough to tensed about it. Keep calm and try to find your interest first, in which thing you are more dedicate? Start doing meditation for 30 min everyday. And start noticing everything you are doing and what is the thing you have done perfectly. Might be these small notice of your daily life will give you some overview to make your career in.

  3. I didn’t like math but like to study science but I also not went biology I went study on computer science.Can I choose science? please help

    1. Hello Himangshu, If you want to study science and computer science, you can skip biology but maths is mandatory is you want to become your career in computer science field. Maths will help you to clear concepts and without maths you will not able to get selection in MNC. So, leave biology and choose maths and computer science it will help you.

  4. i am totally confused..i am good in social,but iam average in maths that i score 65out of 80..i dont know what to opt..but my aim is to become an ias to serve ,,so help me guys…..what to choose

    1. Hello.
      If you are aiming at becoming an IAS Officer, then you should go for Arts Stream. It will help you better in clearing your UPSC examination.

  5. Iam good at social pretty well that got 71/80 in preboard and 72/80in preliminary. My science is also ok that is 60/80 & 64.5/80 in preboard and preliminary respectively. I am average in maths improved it from 41/80 in preliminary to 59/80 in preboard. My interest is alot in architecture and then upsc. I am also interested and pretty know by robotics and artificial intelligence. What to do. Please help. I’m in 10th boards..

    1. Hello.
      First you have to make yourself clear about what you actually want to do. Architecture and UPSC are two very different things. If you want to pursue your career in architecture than you must opt for science and if UPSC is your target, then arts stream will help you with that. Although, you may appear for UPSC after completing your B.Arch, but then there will be no use use of completing your graduation with B.Arch, because you can appear for it after pursuing your graduation with B.A. and it will be of a lot of use. So, first make yourself clear that what you actually want to do.

  6. I have a confusion that I want to become an IPS Officer but can I opt in +2 commerce stream as I am interest in this & please give me the path for becoming IPS and for my big brother:what are the future job possibilities in the commerce stream?
    Please give the answer…..

    1. Hello Subhojeet.
      Yes you can opt for commerce, but as you are determined of becoming an IPS officer, then this is my personal experience that arts stream will help you more. But go by your subject of interest, and as you are asking about future possibilities of commerce in itself is a vast field providing plenty of career opportunities. One can become a C.A. of an company, you can try for C.S., accounts, one can own his own business, bank and a lot more. So there are plenty of opportunities, just one has to be determined towards a particular goal.

  7. Thanku sir for answer
    But I have a single question left in mind that what is the path to be a IPS Officer with Commerce?

    1. Hello Subhojeet.
      If you opt for commerce then it also okay, you can start your preparation after you complete your 12th.

  8. I want to develop my Mark to 90%. My 9th annual mark is 81%.
    Please help me.

    1. Hello.
      This is good if you are so much dedicated for your 10th standard. Set a proper time table for your 10th standard and follow it throughout the year, be dedicated to each subject but also keep on practicing maths and science. Keep on clearing the concepts from the very beginning. We have given a proper time table in the article, do follow that, it will provide a lot of help. For more, drop down a comment below.

  9. sir,myself anu and i am studing in class 11 th i go to tution at 6 to 9 am after this i joint foundation and i reached 1 pm at my home what is right time table for me ?

    1. Hello Anu.
      Once you reach home at 1:00 p.m., take 2 hours rest, then start with your studies at 3:00 p.m., i don't know your stream, but whatever stream you have choosen, like if you are a maths student start with your numericals first, the more you will practice numeric questions, the more your base will become strong. Give your practice at least 2 hours of time, then take a short break of 10 to 15 minutes, again start with your studies, and give them 1 hour time each, have dinner sharp 9:00 p.m., after having dinner, again start your studies at 9:30p.m., have a quick recap of what all you studied and then go to sleep by 10:30 p.m. Follow this time table, if it helps then please tell us.

  10. I am in class 7 and wanna make my base strong in Maths and Science, pls help.

    1. Hello Aiden.
      This is good if you are so much concerned about your examinations, and this is the only time when you can make your concepts clear, so that it will help you a lot in future. Practice is the only thing right now that you have to do, if you are facing any difficulty in any theoretical portion, then clear all your doubts, if you are not able to solve any maths question, then just do not immediately rush for the solution from any guide or internet, instead try it by yourself, if still you face problem, then ask your teacher for help. Whatever you study, it should be in a routine and follow that time table for ever. It will help you a lot. Good luck.

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