CBSE Class 10 Blueprint 2018 All Subjects Chapter Wise Marking Scheme

Get here CBSE class 10 blueprint 2018 board exam, All Subjects Chapter Wise Marking Scheme of class 10th, cbse class 10th exam pattern for 2018. Preparation for board exam has been started from the mid of 2017. And students mostly has completed their most of the syllabus.

But Students have no idea about the blueprint and what will be the blueprint for the cbse class 10th. And they also don’e have any idea about CBSE board exam pattern of 2018.  Below is the list of few important subjects which will help you to do your preparation best. At the first you will see CBSE class 10th Maths blueprint, Then science blueprint and at the last Social science blueprint. These blueprint are not declared officially. These collected from various resources but 95% are correct.

CBSE Class 10 Blueprint 2018 All Subjects Chapter Wise Marking Scheme

In this article we are totally focused on the best blueprint and official blueprint of cbse class 10th. Board exam will start from the March 2018. You can check date sheet for board exam below.

CBSE Date Sheet 2018

As you know there is so less time for the board exam and every one wants good marks and also want to see his/her name in the merit list. But challenges is that what kind of question will appear in the board exam.

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Total No. of Question in Board Exam

Number of question and marks are given below so prepare according to the chart. It will help you to do better in board exams.

Marks No. of Questions
1 Mark 6
2 Marks 6
3 Marks 10
4 Marks 8
Total 30

CBSE Board Class 10 Maths Blueprint

We have divided maths blueprint in two sections, In the first section you will only get an overview about the chapter and marks but in the second section you will see Subtopics, and marking scheme with the questions. How many questions will come from the 1st chapter? this type of questions hits our mind when we are totally focused on the exam preparation and we should make our routine according to the marking scheme. Check CBSE class 10th blueprint for 2018.

Unit Topics/ Chapter Marks
 I Algebra 23
 II Geometry 17
 III Mensuration 23
 IV Trigonometry 8
 V Coordinate Geometry 11
 VI Probability 8
Sub Topics / Chapter and Number Division
 1 Real Numbers

2 Questions = 1 VSA(1), 1 VSA(2)

2 Polynomials

2 Questions = 1 VSA(1), 1 VSA(2)

 3 Linear Equations

1 Questions = 1 SA(4)

 4 Quadratic Equations

2 Questions = 1 VSA(2), 1 SA(3)

 5 Arithmetic Progressions

3 Questions = 1 VSA(1), 1 SA(3), 1 SA(4)

6 Triangles

1 Questions = 1 SA(4)

 7 Coordinate Geometry

2 Questions = 1 SA(3), 1 SA(4)

 8 Trigonometry

2 Questions = 1 VSA(2), 1 SA(3)

 9 App. of Trigonometry

4 Questions = 1 VSA(1), 1 VSA(2), 1 SA(3), 1 SA(4)

 10 Circles

2 Questions = 1 VSA(2), 1 SA(4)

11 Constructions

1 Questions = 1 SA(4)

 12  Areas related to Circles

2 Questions = 1 SA(3), 1 SA(4)

 13  Surface Areas & Volumes

3 Questions = 2 SA(3), 1 SA(4)

 14  Statistics

2 Questions = 1 SA(3), 1 SA(4)

 5  Probability

2 Questions = 1 SA(3), 1 SA(4)

Total  (30 Questions)  80 Marks


CBSE Board Class 10 Science Blueprint

CBSE class 10th Blue print for science for the academic year 2017 – 2018 is now prepared by our experts and very soon you will find it 100% right. You can’t get without any effort so when exam will finish and you will come to know that the best thing was cbse blueprint which helps you a lot to know the actual questions and marking. There are mainly 4 chapters and we have divided them into broad section with questions and marks. Check cbse class 10 blue print for science.

cbse 10 marking scheme 2018

Unit Chapter / Topics Marks
Chemical Substances –Nature and Behaviour
 I Carbon Compounds
7 Question = 2 VSA (3 Marks), 1 SA (2 Marks), 3 MCQ (1 Marks), 1 LA (5 Marks)
Periodic Classification of Elements
3 Questions = 1 VSA (1), 2 SA (3)
World of Living
 II Reproduction

6 Questions = 1 SA (2 Marks), 2 SA (3 marks), 1 LA (5 Marks), 2 MCQ (1 Marks)

Heredity and Evolution

5 Questions = 1 SA (2 Marks), 2 SA (3 marks), 1 LA (5 Marks), 1 SA (2 Marks)

Natural Phenomenon
 III Reflection and Refraction of Light

9 Questions = 1 VSA (1 Marks), 2 SA (3 marks), 1 LA (5 marks), 4 MCQ(1 marks), 1 SA (2 marks)

Human Eye and The Colorful World

3 Questions = 2 SA (3 marks), 1 LA (5 marks)

Natural Resources 
 IV Fossil Fuels

1 Questions = 1 VSA (1marks)

Management of Natural Resources, The Regional Environment

1 Questions = 1 LA (5 marks)

Our Environment

1 Questions = 1 SA (2 marks)

Total  90 Marks (36 Questions)


CBSE Board Class 10 Social Science Blueprint

Now social science, with the details and research we have collected blueprint of CBSE class 10th 2018. With this question paper you can get great marks but read these all topics carefully. Social science in class X is divided into four parts first of them is History, then Geography, Political Science and Economics. below is the division of all subjects and chapter.

Book Chapter No. Marks Form of Questions Total of Units
Long Answer (4) Short Answer (3)  Very Short Answer (1)  Map Questions (2 + 4)
 History 1 0r 2  4  1  18 + 2 (Map work)
3  6  2
4, 5, & 6 (any one)  4  1  1
7 or 8  4  1  1
Map work  2  1
 Geography 1, 2 & 4  6  1  2  16 + 4 map work
3, 5, & 6  6  1  2
 7  4  1
 Map work  4  (-)*
 Political Science  1 & 2  6  2  20 marks
 3 & 4  6  1  2
 5 & 6  4  1
 7 & 8  4  1
 Economics  1  4  1  1 20 marks
 2  4  1
 3  4  1
 4  4  1
 5  4  1  1
 Total 80  10 Questions 8 Questions  10 Questions  1 Questions 29 (Questions) 80 Marks

You have now clear about the exam syllabus and blueprint now download pdf file of Marking scheme released by CBSE originally.

CBSE Class 10th Marking Scheme Pdf 2018 Download

This is download section click on the link and it will open in new page then you can “save as” the open file.

you may leave your reply and comment in your comment box below if you have any problem then you may query us. We will respond as soon as we will available.

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