CBSE Class 12 Blueprint 2018 | Chapter Wise Marking Scheme Arts/Commerce/Science

For Maths, chemistry, physics, biology, arts, and commerce students we have prepared blue print or marking scheme for class 12th students of cbse. Every year CBSE changes blueprint or marking scheme for board exams. Check CBSE Class 12 Blueprint 2018 | Chapter Wise Marking Scheme Arts/Commerce/Science in this article. Students visits many websites and at the end feel waste of time to wander over the internet.

After reading this article and cbse class 12 marking scheme table for all subjects you will be shocked and these will help you a lot in cbse board exam. There are less time in board exam and you should do better preparation for the cbse board exam. You can get more then 90% marks within a month. So you preparation should be hard.

CBSE Class 12th Blueprint 2018 Official PDF Download

What’s on your mind, when you think about board exam paper? Marks? Chapters? Subjects? yeah! All these things pop-up in our mind when we discuss about CBSE board exam. Interesting thing is there are subjects and then comes chapter and at the end marking scheme. Marking scheme is most important thing according to a students and also a education system.

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What will be the marking scheme for CBSE class 12th? Let’s discuss about it and then clear your question with suitable answer. We have listed CBSE class 12th blueprint according to the subjects.

CBSE Exam Date Sheet 2018

Marking scheme is, proper division of the marks according to the chapter. Means how many question will be come from individual chapter and how many mark’s question will come from the chapter. Now it all depends upon the education board or CBSE board Because they decide it. Every year there is different blueprint of marking scheme. What’s the marking scheme for CBSE class 12th 2018.

CBSE Class 12th Science Blueprint (Marking Scheme) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

In this section you will be able to download the blueprint pdf of PCMBE (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English Core). These blueprints are downloaded from CBSE official website and directly available here for download. A table is also available for marking scheme of cbse class 12th science. Check them properly and do study hard. We only can provide stuff like sample paper, blueprint or other important information to you but hard work is yours you have to do hard work to get place in the merit list.

We got some news from sources that, from this year cbse class 12th paper might be tough according to the last year. So take the news as warning and start doing hard day by day.

Marking scheme for CBSE Class 12th Physics

Unit Topics / Chapter Marks
 I  Electrostatics 8
 Electric Charges and Fields
 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
 II  Current Electricity  7
 III  Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism  8
 Moving Charges and Magnetism
 Magnetism and Matter
 IV  Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current  8
 Electromagnetic Induction
 Alternating Current
V  Electromagnetic Waves  3
VI  Optics  14
 Wave Optics       Ray   Optics
VII  Dual Nature of Matter  4
VIII  Atoms & Nuclei  6
 IX  Electronic Devices  7
 Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple
X  Communication Systems  5
 Total  70

Marking scheme for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry

Unit Topics / Chapter Marks
I Solid State  4
II Solutions 5
III Electrochemistry 5
IV Chemical Kinetics 5
V Surface Chemistry 4
VI Isolation of Elements 3
VII p-Block Elements 8
VIII d- and f-Block Elements 5
IX Coordination Compounds 3
X Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 4
XI Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 4
XII Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 6
XIII Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 4
XIV Biomolecules 4
XV Polymers 3
XVI Chemistry in Everyday Life 3
 Total 70

Marking scheme for CBSE Class 12th Biology

Unit Topics / Chapters Marks
1 Reproduction 17
Reproduction in Organisms
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Human Reproduction
Reproductive Health
2 Genetics and evolution 18
Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
3 Biology and human welfare 14
Human Health and Diseases
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
·Microbes in Human Welfare
4 Biotechnology and its applications 10
Biotechnology – Principles and Processes
Biotechnology and its Application
5 Ecology and Environment 14
Organisms and Populations
Biodiversity and its Conservation
Environmental Issues
 Total 70

Marking scheme for CBSE Class 12th Maths

No. Units Marks
I Sets and Functions 29
II Algebra 37
III Coordinate Geometry 13
IV Calculus 6
V Mathematical Reasoning 3
VI Statistics and Probability 12
Total 100

Marking scheme for CBSE Class 12th English Core

Unit Topics / Chapter Marks
 1  Comprehension (Short Answer(4), Very short (1)) 9
 2  Vocabulary testing (Very short answer) 1 Question 3
 3  Study Skills (Comprehending & Note Making) 1 Question 5
 4  Summarising Skills (1 Question) 3
 5  Providing factual details, organization, fluency and coherence (Short Writing Skill) 1 Question  5
 6  Presenting factual details, format, fluency and coherence (Factual Reporting) 1 Question  10
 7  Formating, organization, coherence, fluency (Long Writing Task) 1 Question  10
 8  Organisation, coherence, fluency (Article LWS) 1 Question  10
English Core -XII (Text Books)
 9  Poetry appreciation Interpretation Interpretation (Short answer(1), Very short answer (2)) 3 Questions  4
 10  Comprehension Interpretation Understanding Interpretation (Short Answer) 4 question * 2  8
11  Comprehension Comprehension Interpretation Understanding Understanding and interpretation (Short answer) 5 question * 2  10
 12  Content organization Fluency, Coherence, Understanding (long answers)  10
 13  Content organization, fluency, coherence, understanding (Long Answers)  7
 14  Understanding Understanding Interpretation Understanding (Short Answer) 4 question * 2 8
Total 100

After reading this now you need to download pdf file of Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and english marking scheme.

Download CBSE Class 12 Physics Blueprint 2017 – 2018

Download CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Blueprint 2017 – 2018

Download CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Blueprint 2017 – 2018

Download CBSE Class 12 English Blueprint 2017 – 2018

CBSE Class 12th Commerce Blueprint (Marking Scheme) Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

Academy has been released latest blueprint for Class 12th for Science and Commerce. In this section we have mentioned Commerce blueprint for Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy these subjects. Now you can download them for free by just a click. English is also included but English blueprint or marking scheme is above. So you can check english blueprint above and also can download the pdf of CBSE class 12th blueprint for commerce.

Marking scheme for CBSE Class 12th Economics

No. Units / Chapter Marks

Introduction (2 questions) 1SA (1), 1VSA(3)

2 Consumer Equilibrium and Demand (6 questions) 2VSA, 1SA (3 marks), 2 SA (4 marks), 1 long (6) 18
3 Producer Behaviour and Supply (5 questions) 1 long (6), 1 VSA, 1SA (3) 2 SA (4)  18
4 Forms of Market and Price determination (3 questions) 1 Long (6), 1 VSA (1), 1 SA (3)  10
5 National income and related aggregates (4 questions) 1 Long (6), 3 SA (3)  15
6 Money and Banking (2 questions) 1 Long (6), 2 VSA (1) 8
7 Determination of Income and employment (4 questions) 1 Long (6), 1 SA (4), 2 VSA (1) 12
8 Government Budget and the economy (2 questions) 2 SA (4)  8
9 Balance of Payment  (3 questions) 1 VSA (1), 2 SA (3)  7
 Total  100

Marking scheme for CBSE Class 12th Business Studies

No. Units / Chapter Marks
 Part A – Principles and Functions of Management
1 Nature and Significance of Management  7
2 Principles of Management  7
3 Planning  7
4 Organizing  10
5 Staffing  10
6 Directing  12
7 Controlling  7
Part B  – Business Finance and Marketing
8 Financial Management 12
9 Financial Markets  8
10 Marketing  14
11 Consumer Protection  6
 Total  100

We hope these blueprint will give you overview of your board exam paper, Now you can download official marking scheme released by CBSE official website and these are available to download from this article below.

Download CBSE Class 12th Marking Scheme PDF for Arts/Science/Commerce

Some sample paper are available in both language like hindi and english and we have described them with the link. Download them easily.

Thank you for reading this article. And we are sure these paper will help you a lot to get good marks in cbse class 12th board exam. If you have any query regarding the Blueprint, CBSE board exams, or date sheet then you can send your query to us through comment box section below.

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