(TA) Territorial Army Salary System 2019-20 of Soldier, Officer in Indian

(TA) Territorial Army Salary System 2019-20 of Soldier, Officer in Indian: For Indian army TA (Territorial army) salary and allowances we have described below. Check TA rank list, TA (Territorial army) salary for GD, clerk Officers, and what is territorial army salary system. If you want to serve in territorial army, you must have knowledge of they works and what is (TA) Territorial army salary system for officers and soldiers. It that depends upon their embodiment or it is regular. As you are expecting that if you will serve in TA (Territorial Army) and they will pay you on regular basis then it doesn’t allowed by Territorial Army.

Territorial Army is specially for particular area and TA recruits candidates for officers and soldiers. Below is rank list of TA. Now Some question will be clear that what is the highest rank in Territorial Army. What are allowances, Grade pay, basic pay, and facilities for Territorial Army.

प्रादेशिक सेना (टेरीटोरियल आर्मी) में वेतन क्या है? इसमें किस प्रकार से वेतन मिलता है या नीचे दिया गया है?
क्या टेरीटोरियल आर्मी भी रेगुलर आर्मी की तरह ही वेतन पाती है या इन्हे सिर्फ उस समय के पैसे मिलते हैं जब ये अपनी सर्विस देते हैं।

(TA) Territorial Army Salary System 2019-20 of Soldier, Officer in Indian

We have mentioned each and every detail below. Many people want to join indian army but they get late and they think about it late. So first advance for joining TA (Territorial Army) is their age limit criteria. Age limit in TA is up to 42 year.

Indian army salary 2019

After the implementation of 7th central pay commission, TA annual salary has been increased. Check the list below and what are the dearness allowance of Territorial army salary system is increased.

Category of employee Amount in Rs./Annum.
 Officers 2000
 JCOs 1500
 OR 1000
  • When dearness allowance raised by 50%, these rates will be automatically increased by 25%.
  • 100% of the amount will be granted when training will be completed, and 75% of the amount will be grated if training will be completed 80%.

Second and one of the most important thing is they can serve for TA according to their choice in a year. If you want to do work for 3 months in a year or 4 months or according to you. You can choose your time period and that time period called “Embodiment”.

  • Brigadier
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Subedar Major
  • Subedar
  • Naib Subedar
  • Havildar
  • Naik
  • Lance Naik
  • Soldier (Rifle Man)

What is salary Scheme/system. Does they get salary annually or for their embodiment services?

Salary system in territorial army is simple as private sector you will get the salary for your work. “No work No Money”. Territorial army works on the concept or “No work no money”. Means you will only get salary of the embodied.

Embodied is that time period when you worked for Territorial army. And during that time period you will have to do your work. After that you will disembodied and can do your regular work or professional work.

From some sources we get the information that you can work for whole year and you will get salary for that time period. There are two type of staff in TA, some are regular and some of them are not on regular basis.

प्रादेशिक सेना (टेरीटोरियल आर्मी) में वेतन सिर्फ उनके काम के अनुसार मिलता है। यदि आप साल के 12 महीनो में काम करते हैं तो आपको पूरे 12 मास का वेतन मिलेगा। यह आप पर निर्भर करेगा की आप कितने समय तक अपनी सर्विस इस सेना में देते हो।

20 वर्ष बाद पेंशन का प्रावधान ऑफिसर्स के लिए रखा गया है परन्तु पेंशन तभी मिलेगी जब आपकी 20 वर्ष की नौकरी शारीरिक गतिविधियों में टेरीटोरियल आर्मी के लिए पूरी हुई हो.

15 साल बाद JCO और OR (अन्य रैंक) के लिए भी पेंशन का प्रावधान रखा गया है परन्तु इसमें में आपके 15 साल शारीरिक दातिविधियों के टूर पर टेरिटोरियल आर्मी के लिए पूरी होनी चाहिए।

पेंशन मेडिकल (चिकित्सा) सुविधायें भी रेगुलर आर्मी की तरह ही हैं।

TA Officers Comes Under Pay Band 4

From the above list, only 3 officers comes under the pay band four but their Grade Pay is different. The comes under pay band four and get different salary due to grade pay.

Rank Pay band Grade Pay Military Service Pay (MSP)
Brigadier  Pay Band 4 (37400-67000) 8900  6000
Colonel  Pay Band 4 (37400-67000) 8700  6000
Lieutenant Colonel  Pay Band 4 (37400-67000) 8000  6000

TA Officers Comes Under Pay Band 3

3 Territorial army officer’s rank comes under pay band 3 and and the all also get different salary in hand but pay band scale is same.

Rank Pay band Grade Pay Military Service Pay (MSP)
Major  Pay Band 3 (15600-39100) 5400  6000
Captain  Pay Band 3 (15600-39100) 6100  6000
Lieutenant  Pay Band 3 (15600-39100) 6600  6000

TA Soldiers Comes Under Normal Pay band

JCO and OR ranks officer comes under normal pay band. Check the list below and look up what is the salary of subedar major and see the difference between each rank.

Rank Pay band Grade Pay Military Service Pay (MSP)
Subedar Major Pay Band 4 (9300-34800) 4800 2000
Subedar Pay Band 4 (9300-34800) 4600 2000
Naib Subedar Pay Band 4 (9300-34800) 4200 2000
Havildar Pay Band 4 (5200-20200) 2800 2000
Naik Pay Band 4 (5200-20200) 2400 2000
Lance Naik Pay Band 4 (5200-20200) 2000 2000
Rifle Man (GD) Pay Band 4 (5200-20200) 1800 2000

Facilities and Benefits for them and their family

Some benefits for Officers, JCO and OR and their family in Territorial army salary system. Check the list below for benefits.

  1. They get higher promotions as per TA rules.
  2. CSD, Medical And Free ration facilities when embodied for training.
  3. Pay rank as application to Indian army.
  4. Can take leave.
  5. DA application during their service or embodiment.
  6. Special increment after 3 to 5 years of training completion.
  7. Medical Services to pensioners.
  8. Multi allowance and lump sum allowance.

Salary In ITBP

Pay band and allowances

Pay band allowances and other benefits in territorial army salary system is below.

  1. Pay band and salary is same as regular army but only when they are active or embodied.
  2. 10 Rupees camp pay allowance for Officers.
  3. Increment in salary when 365 day’s service (embodied) will be completed.
  4. Pension service after completing 20 year of physical service for officers and 15 years of physical service for JCOs and OR.
  5. Family pension and disability pension is also application as per regular army.
  6. Outfit allowance – 6000/- Rs. at the time of commission and after competing 7 years of physical service or 10 year or total service for Officers. 3200/- Rs. To honorary commissioned officer and 500.- Rs. to JCO.
  7. Medical facilities for self and dependent after service.

Salary in SSB

These are benefits and allowances and pay band for Territorial army. Regarding any question you may comment below.

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