SSB Salary Slip | SSB Salary Structure | SSB Pay Scale Per Month

SSB Salary Slip | SSB Salary Structure | SSB Pay Scale Per Month: Every one who wish to join Indian army or paramilitary forces like, BSF, Assam Rifles, CISF, and SSB. They also want to grow financially and get some extra governmental benefits too. If sacrificing for country will pay for you then it would be best. This article is dedicated to SSB (Sashastra Seema Bal) Salary, Sashatra Seema Bal Monthly salary, Grade Pay, SSB Pay Slip and SSB allowances.

SSB Salary Slip | SSB Salary Structure | SSB Pay Scale Per Month

There are many question that arise in our SSB soldiers’ and youths’ mind and that is SSB per month salary/ssb salary/SSB rank wise salary. So to free their mind we are writing an article for you in which we will cover SSB Rank wise salary, SSB constable salary, SSB SI (Sub Inspector) salary, SSB head constable salary/ SSB inspector salary/ SSB tradesman salary and higher rank salary. First we will provide you Rank list of SSB which will in decrease order from Director to Tradesman or Constable. And in below Salary chart we will provide you salary list rank wise.

Order or Rank List of SSB (Sashastra Seema Bal)

This list is from higher to lower. And every rank is covered in this list. Basically there are two types of officers and their recruitment process is different for SSB. First type of officers in SSB is GOs which stands for Gazetted Officers and Second one is NGOs which stands for Non-Gazetted Officers. We have described them in different order. There are 9 level of GOs and 6 level of NGOs in SSB.

  • Gazetted Officers (GOs)
  1. Director-General (DG)
  2. Special Director
  3. Additional Director-General (ADG)
  4. Inspector-General (IG)
  5. Deputy Inspector-General (DIG)
  6. Commandant
  7. Second-in-Command
  8. Deputy Commandant (DC)
  9. Assistant Commandant (AC)
  • Non-Gazetted Officers (NGOs)
  1. Inspector
  2. Sub-Inspector (SI)
  3. Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI)
  4. Head Constable (HC)
  5. Constable
  6. Tradesmen

Now you have confirmed that what is the order or level in SSB. According to their level their salary is also different and you all are knowledgable enough to guess that higher ranked person will take higher salary, Higher Grade Pay, higher allowances etc.

SSB Salary Chart/ SSB Salary Rank Wise


 Rank Grade Pay  Basic Pay Cash In Hand (INR)
Director General   Nill Rs. 80,000(Fixed) 1,20,000 (Approx)
 Addl. Director General  10,000/-  Rs. 43000  1,10,000 (Approx)
 Deputy Inspector General  Rs. 8900  Rs. 40200  1,05,000 (Approx)
 Commandant  Rs. 8700  Rs. 37400 90,000 (Approx)
 Second-in-Command  Rs. 7600  Rs. 21900 80,000 (Approx)
 Deputy Commandant  Rs. 6600  Rs. 18750 70,000 – 75,000 (Approx)
Assistant Commandant  Rs. 5400  Rs. 15600 60,000 – 70,000 (Approx)
 Subedar Major  Rs. 4800  Rs. 13350 50,000 – 60,000 (Approx)
 Inspector  Rs. 4600  Rs. 12540 45,000 – 50,000 (Approx)
Sub-Inspector  Rs. 4200  Rs. 9300 40,000 – 45,000 (Approx)
 Asstt Sub Inspector  Rs. 2800  Rs. 8560 35,000 – 40,000 (Approx)
 Head Constable  Rs. 2400  Rs. 7510 25,000 – 30,000 (Approx)
 Constable  Rs. 2000  Rs. 6460 20,000 – 25,000 (Approx)

This salary chart is Approx. because there is little fluctuation in salary of a particular ranked person. Salary is also depend on their service time period.

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Grade pay, Risk allowances, Daily allowances are sum and then it becomes a full salary. You grade pay, basic salary and all allowances together becomes your final salary and it’s credited in your account every month as your monthly salary.

Regarding this if you have any query then you may leave your query, we will try to resolve as soon as possible.

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