ICSE Results 2018 Date | ISC Results 2018 Expected Date – cisce.org

ICSE Results 2018 Date | ISC Results 2018 Expected Date – cisce.org, When is ICSE result 2018, When is ISC result 2018 date. When ICSE is declaring result for  After reading this you will be sure that your result is coming on that date and you don’t need to wander every time to check expected date for ICSE and ISC 2018. Awaiting thousands of students would be finished on may. who have given board examination from ICSE and ISC board. You can check ICSE results 2018 date, and ISC results 2018 date in this article below.

Many question are coming on student’s mind who have given Board examination, and this process go on every year. So that, We here going to tell you ICSE class 10 result date 2018, and ISC 12 result date 2018. Both examination is conduct by CISCE.

ICSE Results 2018 Date | ISC Results 2018 Expected Date – cisce.org

CISCE conducts board exam for class 10 and class 12 every year. Class 10th for CISCE is call ICSE board exam and Class 12 for CISCE is called ISC board exam.

Unlike CBSE, ICSE released both classes result on same day and you student’s will be able to check ICSE result 2018 and ISC result 2018 on that day.

ICSE class 10th and ISC class 12 board exam has been finished in the month of April and almost one month is been taken by evaluator.

Year Date
2013 May 17
2014 May 21
2015 may 18
2016 May 6
2017 May 29
2018 May 14

See previous 4 year record, CISCE declare their result in the month of may but one thing which is not common that is the week, every year CISCE declare their board result in the month of may and this year CISCE is going to announce their result in the month of may too.

Check ICSE and ISC Result 2018

When ICSE Class 10 Result Will Be Declare In 2018?

This question is coming on more than 90,000 student’s mind and this question will hit their mind till result not declared. Be calm and read the post below because this time we are going to give you the date when your result will be declared and all the student’s will know about the date.

When you are not aware with the day, when your result is going to be declared, these days spent with the though when our result will be declare and you have no idea about it. But when you hear about the expected date that ICSE class 10 result will be declare/announce or release on that day. Your mind cool down and think about that day instead of worrying about it.

Check ICSE result 2018 here (When declare)

ICSE an ISC results will be declared on 14th of May 2018 at 3:00 pm.

ISC Class 12th Result Date 2018 Expected Date

With ICSE result CICSE declare their result on same date. SO you don’t need to worry about it. Last year ISC result was declare on 17th may.

Now read how to check ICSE and ISC result 2018?

Many student’s wanders over the internet to search their result and they get nothing. Instead of wandering just read the article below and follow the instructions. We are here going to give you the best solutions.

Register your mobile no and you will get notification or official website also provides some mobile no. through which you can check your result status. Beyond sms service you can use Internet. Let me tell you how to check your ICSE or ISC result very quick.

One of the best way to check ICSE or ISC Board result 2018 is visit official website of CISCE that is mentioned below.

Check their your result status, If available then click on the link and enter your roll no.
If this is not available then check the result declaration date for ICSE and ISC 2018.

Check result on official website – Click Here

Thank you for being with us, stay connected for more details.

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  1. Why its too delayed for announcing results of 10th ICSE .it makes me angery. I wish there is no more delay in announcing results now

    1. I agree you

    2. I agree
      We are all want to know our results

  2. I agree you ishu?

  3. Hello Sir, Can you tell us when icse results 2018 and isc results 2018 will declare what is expected date?

    1. Hello Punit.
      We are expecting it to be declared till either mid of may or last week of may.

    2. nearly 10 may

    3. 24th of may

  4. Hello sir,
    Can you please declare the result in the 1st week of may

    1. Hello Yash, It takes a long process to prepare board exam result so, it will not be possible to release result in the first week of may. You have to wait for it.

    2. Hello Shrikant I wanted to tell you that in 2016 the results have been released in 6th of May so can’t they release the result in the 1st week of may this year. Since our exams were over on 28th of March.

    3. Hey.
      Till now none of the result is declared on first week of may. It is always declared either in mid of may or last week of may. We will update you when the results are getting declared. Keep in touch.

  5. It’s better if the date is prepped.

  6. Pls sir try to declare the result before 10th May.Now licr has also been introduced so I don’t think it will take too much time

    1. Hey.
      We can’t help it. It will only be declared by CBSE.

    2. You are 100% right. Otherwise it will be the failure of the board and they will be loses their proud.

  7. sir plz declare fast…..we are awaiting for result

  8. sir it takes q month …..we are hoping to get around 10 ……

    1. Hello Gaurav, Examiners are doing their work when full process will complete, official notification will be released.

  9. sir, may I get to know exact date when ISC plans to get the result?

    1. Hello Gaurav, It will difficult to reveal exact date, but in the of may, CISCE will release exact date for result declaration.

  10. sir we hear isc is going to declare around 24-27…is not it to late….

    1. Hello Divya.
      Don’t go by rumors, till now there is no such official announcement that when result will be released. So, keep in touch, we will let you know what is the actual date of release.

  11. Sir,is it possible to declare the results before 10th May? Because in 2016 it was declared on 6th May.

    1. Hello.
      No it is not possible. Results are only declared by the board, so it will only be declared when they want to.

    2. Yes it is offcourse possible according to board promise !!!!

  12. sir as per isc pattern of checking in 2016 it took 29 days in 2017 it took 1 month and 2 days so can we expect our result in 5-10 may….

    1. Hello Divya.
      Before the declaration of result an official announcement will be made, so we will let you know. Till then, stay connected.

    2. Yes you are right,because the result are checking by LICR process….

  13. Sir can u plz declare the results earlier as we students have to show it to join colleges plz sir .

  14. The result date should come out after 18th of May. I am sure of it because I went to various websites and I AM 110% SURE IT WILL COME AFTER THE 18TH OF MAY

  15. I heared isc is going to declare result around April 29 or first week of may…..if our expectations are wrong plz may we get most expected date……since already 23 days are over of last exam

    1. Hey Gaurav.
      These are all rumours, till now there is no official update by the board. We are expecting your result to be declared either in the mid or last week of may. Please stay patient and keep in touch.

  16. as per you told aman sir at last of may or mid is not it too late ….since New licr method is used nowadays…in 2016 only 29 day and in 2017 if took 31 day why this year soo late more than 40 days…

    1. Hello Gaurav.
      We are not claiming that results will particularly be declared in the mid or last week, we are expecting it to be released by then, as last year also results were declared on 29th of may, therefore we are expecting a nearby date and till now there is no official announcement too.

    2. but last year exam were shifted due to elections so it took place in last of may

  17. 2018 board 12th ka result may first ya second week me aana chahiye

  18. Hello sir ,
    I’m now also having confusion when our results for class 10th will be declared in beg or in mids?

  19. what are you all expected percentage this time

  20. Pls sir can you tell the exact dates for the declaration of ICSE 2018 results?

  21. Sir now the time has come when we will get our results?
    Everybody who appeared for ICSE 2018 is waiting for the result date.

    1. Hello Yash.
      Since there is no official announcement, so we can not assure you when result is actually going to be declared, but don’t worry you will be notified.

  22. so, the result will declared in 24th.

  23. Pls try to declare the results fast bcz one month is already over now. We are expecting it within 3-4 days.

  24. sir what is the exact date of result

  25. sir d frst week of may is abt to b over. when will isc results b declared?

  26. sir d frst week of may is abt to b over. when will isc results b declared?

    1. Hey Pankaj.
      There are no official updates till now. Stay connected, you will be notified.

  27. plsz tell me when the result will declare of 12th standerd ics

  28. hello sir what is the date for isc results 2018???

  29. Sir it had already been the date and still isc had not made any official announcement……..all searches on net for result date and all website gives different dates…….can we get the date of result so that we can be away from everyday surf of same thing….plz tell us the day

  30. Hello sir,
    Can i get update of CICSE result date on my email id because it would helpful to me a lot.

    Thank you sir.

  31. Sir when class 10 result will be soon in internet

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